Licence to practice

In order to work as an Occupational Therapist in Sweden, you need a licence to practice. Occupational Therapist is a protected professional title that may be used only by those who hold a licence.

Licences/registrations are carried out by the National Board of Health and Welfare and apply to occupational therapists educated both in Sweden and abroad.

The licence to practice also entails a responsibility to have sufficient knowledge of the Swedish language in order to be able to communicate with the patient/client and other professionals in the team, as well as documenting medical records according to pertinent law. The registration also comprise the obligation to be familiar with Swedish legislation in the field of healthcare.

As member of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT), we recommend that you have an exam from a WFOT recognized program.

The Swedish Council for Higher education (UHR) is a government agency that evaluates foreign qualifications in order to provide support for people looking for work in Sweden, people who wish to continue studying, or for employers who wish to employ someone with foreign qualifications.

Apply for a licence

You apply for a licence with The National Board of Health and Welfare. You do not need to have a Swedish social security number or live in Sweden to apply for and obtain a licence. The first step on the application is to choose if your education is from within or outside EU or EEA. When you press Apply for a licence is when you get all information you need to apply. Do not hesitate to press the button it does not mean that you apply.

Immigration regulations

Regulations vary depending on whether you are a Nordic citizen, an EU or a non-EU citizen. Information can be found at the Migration Board (Migrationsverket).