Instruments for sale

Below you find the instruments in English which we provide as e-manuals (pdf documents with copyright instructions).

When ordering outside the Nordic countries we require payment via invoice before sending you the instrument. 

Please contact Tina Sandulf, publisher, for further information or if you want to make an order. 

  • Dialogue about Working Ability (DWA), version 5.0/2023. 
    Authors: Eva Norrby and Iréne Linddahl
    Read more about DWA
  • Everyday Technology Use Questionnaire (ETUQ), version 3.0/2022
    An online course is included.
    Authors: Louise Nygård, Lena Rosenberg and Anders Kottorp

    Read more about ETUQ
  • Management of Everyday Technology Assessment (META), version 3.0/2020
    Authors: Louise Nygård, Camilla Malinowsky and Anders Kottorp
    Read more about META
  • Occupational Gaps Questionnaire (OGQ), version 2.0/2020
    Author: Gunilla Eriksson
    Read more about OGQ
  • ReDO® – A group intervention aimed to change everyday life for the benefit of work, version 2.0/2023
    Read more about ReDO®